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Save The Emery Theatre

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And so it’s come to this.

Despite a great year of programming at The Emery Theatre, their hand has been forced. The Requiem Project recently filed a lawsuit against the University of Cincinnati after repeated attempts by the University to block the theatre’s restoration. After months of back and forth between the nonprofit and the Emery Center Apartments Limited Partnership, the women that run The Requiem Project felt backed into a corner.

“They’ve never said why and we’re really backed into a corner,” says Gordon, who moved to Cincinnati from Boston to start Requiem with Manchise, a Cincinnati native. “It was never our intention to go to court. We’re a nonprofit. We’re the only company really since the ’60s that has programmed the theater in the way that it has been programmed, and our intention is to fulfill Mary Emery’s mission, which is that this theater be used by the community. And we’re back and forth in a lease negotiation since 2010 and we’ve hit a wall.”


From my perspective, UC didn’t think The Requiem Project could do it. They didn’t think these ladies would get this far. They didn’t think they could pull off what they already have and they certainly didn’t think they would fight for the right they have to continue to restore this historic theatre.

But it appears they got more than they bargained for, because now that the story is out, the community is rallying behind The Requiem Project and asking the University and people like President Santa Ono why this issue was neglected for so long.

Do you care about the music scene in Cincinnati?

Do you care about a historic theatre in our city being preserved?

Do you care about the story of The Requiem Project and what they are trying to achieve in our city?

I’m betting you do, and I’m betting you might even want to prove it. Here is how you can.

On Wednesday August 14 at 1:45 p.m., we are requesting your presence at a hearing regarding the theatre at the Hamilton County Courthouse, Room 495 (1000 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202).

Please do consider joining us. It could make all the difference in the world. As this is a crucial milestone for The Emery, we need your voice to help us to fulfill our mission to restore this historic Cincinnati icon.

To each of you who have signed the petition to Save the Emery, liked our Facebook page, commented on articles, or showed your support in other ways, we could not be more grateful.


Sign the petition

Show your support!
Follow: @TheEmeryCincy
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Write to the University:
Office of the President
Room 625, University Pavillion
PO Box 210063
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0063

Tweet President Ono: @PrezOno

Don’t get lazy on me Cincinnati. Help #SaveTheEmery !

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