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Show Preview: Grey Host with Valley of the Sun and Ohio Knife

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gh3 Show Preview: Grey Host with Valley of the Sun and Ohio Knife

At long last, Grey Host are releasing their debut full-length, Dawn for Vultures. They’ve been recording this thing since we interviewed them last fall. The band has finally finished putting the finishing touches on their doom-sludge-metal masterpiece for your listening enjoyment/terror, and you should be pretty darn excited about that.

You can go to their Bandcamp to see the various album/download packages available. But only by dragging yourself out of your dank basement, putting on your cleanest Sunn O))) t-shirt, and making your way to Mainstay Rock Bar can you really prove to everyone that you’re a Grey Host fan. That’s because you can snag yourself a specially-printed show poster along with your copy of the CD. Take that, upperclassmen stoners from high school who said you weren’t cool enough to hang out with them!

Besides, if you make it to the show you’ll catch performances by similarly awesome Cincinnati bands Valley of the Sun and Ohio Knife. Between Valley of the Sun’s stupendous rocking, Ohio Knife’s dark brooding, and Grey Host’s ear-bursting insanity, it’s going to be a SERIOUS, fuzz-drenched night of guitar slaughter. Don’t miss it.

Saturday, March 30th / Mainstay Rock Bar / Doors at 9pm / FREE

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