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Southgate House Closing

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A truly sad day and I hate that I have to write this, but Southgate House, the best and most historic venue in the greater Cincinnati area, may be closing its doors, possibly for good. I heard the rumors earlier today and did some checking around and feel confident enough to at least get this information out there.

I hope this is not the case or that the rumors are being blown out of proportion but I got word from someone at a reputable talent agency and management firm that someone from Southgate House called them directly to give them the news. This agency handles booking for dozens of bands that would normally play at SGH.

I also got word from an employee that they were told the venue would be closing down by the end of 2011. I don’t know the reasons or what is going on here, but I’m incredibly sad for the employees, the owners, and of course all of the music fans that have enjoyed great live music at Southgate House for decades. I’m still trying to process the impact this will have on our music scene.

And I’m still holding out hope that this can be resolved but do not like what I’m hearing so far.

If you hear anything, let us know in the comments.


After more than thirty years in continuous operation as a music and arts venue under the ownership and operation of Ross Raleigh, the Southgate House will host its last show on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2011.

“While we are deeply saddened to close 24 E. Third Street, it’s been a great run and it’s been a great privilege to be the steward of such a grand building all these years,” Raleigh said. “There have been many great memories made here, but the history is in the people and the music, not just the building, and the show must go on.” Raleigh hopes to relocate his business in 2012. More information will be released about this soon.

The Historic Southgate House has become one of the region’s and the nation’s most recognized concert venues, equally popular with music fans and musicians due to its historic charm, independent ownership, friendly management and staff and consistently diverse line-up of local, regional and national touring acts and willingness to host a wide array of musical genres from bluegrass to punk. The venue also played host to art showings, comedy, frequent charity events, CD release shows and a variety of other popular entertainment.

The final Southgate House show is a jam-packed punk and rock whole house line-up featuring local punk favorites The Dopamines 5-Year Anniversary Show with Dear Landlord, Banderas, Vacation, The Frankl Project, Mixtapes, White Walls, New Creases, Be My Doppelganger, SHIVS, Army Coach, Loudmouth, Billy Wallace & The Virginia Blues and Wm. “Billy” Catfish.

Tickets are $10 advance, $15 day of show.
Tickets are available at
A full listing of the Southgate House schedule through the end of the year is available at

Posted by Joe Long   @   28 November 2011 9 comments


Nov 28, 2011
8:44 pm
#1 dave :

If this is indeed true, it is a SAD day in Cincinnati, and music in general.

Nov 28, 2011
8:58 pm
#2 Guano :

Well this is craptacular indeed!

Nov 28, 2011
9:00 pm
#3 john yoss :

Pretty gossipy at this point. Check & verify. What happened to those days?

Author Nov 28, 2011
9:05 pm

John, while it’s not totally confirmed, it’s more solid than gossip. I wanted others to know what I knew and I have emails out several who are welcome to verify or deny it at any time.

Nov 28, 2011
10:02 pm
#5 Uncle Smokin' Joe :

Oh man, this is awful. The Southgate House is such a unique thing in Cincinnati, and probably anywhere. This is a place where a yahoo like myself has been able to play on the same stage that hosts heroes of mine like Dar Williams, They Might Be Giants, Yo La Tengo, and on and on and on. Every type of music you can imagine, too. Very sad. I hope nothing terrible is going on with the owners. I also hope that Newport isn’t pulling some Eminent Domain crap.

Nov 28, 2011
10:39 pm
#6 caffiend :

Thanks for the memories, SGH!!

Nov 29, 2011
12:08 am
#7 Lee :

Sounds like another take over by some corporate giant.

Nov 29, 2011
10:28 am
#8 TJ :

That is a total bummer. That venue helped make the tri-state great. I hope they open up elsewhere and keep pulling in the same talent.

Does John Yoss have a blog where he can complain about things?

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