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Southgate House planning new location?

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Southgate House
I know the news of our beloved Southgate House closing is still very fresh in your minds, and mine too, but I want to provide a theory about its future. Please keep in mind this has not been confirmed to me, but makes perfect sense given the circumstances.

I believe that the Southgate House plans to re-locate across the street in the old IMAX space at Newport On The Levee. A source confirmed to me tonight that the space is being renovated into a live music space. I’m told it will be renovated into a space to seat 1000. Now, remember this is just a theory and could easily be wrong, but then I re-read the press release and it just made sense.

First off, this…

“While we are deeply saddened to close 24 E. Third Street, it’s been a great run and it’s been a great privilege to be the steward of such a grand building all these years,” Raleigh said.

Notice the wording. He doesn’t say that that Southgate House is closing, but that they are closing 24 E. Third Street.

“There have been many great memories made here, but the history is in the people and the music, not just the building, and the show must go on.” Raleigh hopes to relocate his business in 2012. More information will be released about this soon.

And of course this. “The show must go on”….”the history is in the people and the music” and then the note about a relocation and more info coming soon.

What do you think?

Posted by Joe Long   @   28 November 2011 12 comments


Nov 28, 2011
11:07 pm
#1 Ian Monk :

A concert venue in the imax theatre? No way. No charm, no history, no character. It’d close in a couple months. What a horrible business decision if it’s true.

Nov 29, 2011
12:48 am
#2 Betsy :

But the Southgate House is THE Southgate House. Even if they open a venue across the street, what will become of the original structure?

Author Nov 29, 2011
12:56 am

I agree, being in that space would not be the same. I’ve heard from more and more people tonight and they poke some pretty big holes in my theory. I’m interested to see what comes out as time progresses though.

Nov 29, 2011
1:00 am
#4 Zach Sabatelli :

I agree with the lack luster, short-lived future that the venue would have if it were to simply take up the space within modern box. People in the greater Cincinnati area, including Newport/Bellevue, will be drifters… as many must be. The name, Southgate House, should not follow the new “prospective” location if one cultures itself. The way the building makes you feel will be hard to replace; take CBGB NY. If the metro area is going to continually upgrade venues, save the history… forget mishaps and trouble makers like those at club PLAY.

Nov 29, 2011
1:28 am
#5 Ben :

@John Yoss with all due respect, CBGB NYC and Cincinnati’s music scene aren’t comparable.

Nov 29, 2011
9:47 am
#6 Betsy :

My only point was the venue is the namesake, so fine if the management moves elsewhere, but it will never be the Southgate House. However, the landmark itself… I hope it is not in danger of being torn down. I looked on the site, and while it was revered as a historical site, there was no mention of it being an official historical landmark. I only hope that it is used for something worthy of its atmosphere and ambiance.

Nov 29, 2011
10:31 am
#7 TJ :

Wherever it is I hope they open up soon. I’m guessing the 20th Century and The Madison Theater will pick up the slack in the meantime for bands that want to play here.
Someone give John Yoss a hug.

Nov 29, 2011
12:53 pm
#8 euro60 :

Very sad news indeed. But if indeed “the show must go on”, that is great to hear. Much more important to me than the building or the venue is the confirmation (or let’s hope so) that indie bands will continue to come to these parts. I personally would not be “offended” at all it the scene is moved to the old IMAX building across the street, in particular if “seating for 1000” is the case…

Author Nov 29, 2011
3:06 pm

I agree John, IMAX it ain’t, but it was worth a theory at least. I’ve heard more and while I’m quite certain a relocation is happening it seems altogether unlikely that it is across the street.

Nov 29, 2011
3:26 pm
#10 astrochrist :

an old prayer building on 6th and monmouth…..go grab yourself a slice and look across the street via 6th

Nov 29, 2011
5:31 pm
#11 TheDude :

What about the old Thriftway building at 6th/7th and York St? Big enough for multiple rooms and plenty of off-street parking.

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