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Southgate House Remembered: Videos

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With the sad news that Southgate House is closing at the end of December, I wanted to begin to euologize the historic place the best way I know how, with memories. Below are my absolute favorite videos on YouTube from Southgate House, one or two are ours, most of them are yours, enjoy.

After going through the choices, there are simply way too many to post, but I hope you dig these. Feel free to link to your favorites in the comments.

Guided By Voices 2010

Sold out crazy drunken experience for all GBV fans, and of course Uncle Bob.

video by eachnotesecure

Dan Deacon: No Deachunter show

Top 5 show ever for me at SGH, this video captures some of that.

video by ateasegentlemen
uploaded August 2009

Heartless Bastards: Brazen

The old Bastards lineup performs a couple days before Christmas in 2006. Great video.

video by staunchy
uploaded on Dec 26, 2006

Arcade Fire: Wake Up

Before Arcade Fire was winning Grammys, they were doing videos at Southgate House.

video by thanchorcenter
uploaded on July 19, 2007

Beirut: Elephant Gun

Another act about to blow up played at Southgate House in 2006.

video by theanchorcenter
uploaded on Oct 13, 2006

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 2008

Videographer is playing with the effects, and it actually works.

video by calleyishere

The Hold Steady- How a resurrection really feels 2007

Last song of the sweaty beer soaked 2007 set.

video by Basurasaurusrex

Modest Mouse: Trailer Trash (2001)

Before Float On Modest Mouse played tracks like Trailer Trash to a packed house at SGH.

video by DingleTelevision
uploaded in 2008 (show from 2001)

The Tallest Man On Earth: Death Letter (Son House cover)

Love the perspective and sound of this one, also love it more since I was in attendance.

video by rivetshack
uploaded June 8, 2009

Vic Chestnutt: Flirted With You All My Life

Haunting performance just months before his death.

video by mschuess
uploaded on Nov 4, 2009

Daniel Johnston: Life In Vain

I was also at this show and it sticks in my memory. This video captures it well.

video by FlexYourLoveMuscles
uploaded in 2008, show was in 2007

Bon Iver – 2008

One of my favorite shows at SGH ever. With a snowstorm outside, not many showed for this brilliant effort.

video by mattwalker20
uploaded in March 2008

Adrian Belew Power Trio

Adrian’s solo section during the Live Recording of his Power Trio at Kentuckys signature rock bar the Southgate House.

video by JeanTheBirdman
uploaded on Feb, 18th, 2007

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Nov 29, 2011
12:55 pm
#1 Jesse :

Fantastic collection! What a lot of great memories.

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