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The Chocolate Horse return as Beasts

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One of our favorite, and most eclectic bands here in Cincinnati in recent years has to be The Chocolate Horse. It seems they are always finding new sounds and ways to express themselves musically. The band is made up of several musicians that are veterans of the local scene and have already put out two great albums since forming back in 2003. The albums, Patience Works! and We Don’t Stand on Ceremony saw the band building new elements and deconstructing others while carving out a really nice niche for themselves through the midwest, and of course, here in Cincinnati.

Now, in 2011, the band is back with their third album and after a few listens, we couldn’t be more excited. The album is titled Beasts, a title which exemplifies the maturation we have seen in the band going from a young colt to the full grown thoroughbred they are now. It has a bit of a darker feel to it, and seems to employ even more instrument experimentation, both of these are good things for the CHorse in my opinion and I can’t wait to see these tunes performed live. And speaking of live…

The band is celebrating the release next month at Shake It Records on August 16th and then downtown on Fountain Square on the 19th along with fellow Cincinnatians Bad Veins.

The Chocolate Horse – Escape All Responsibility

July 29 – The Hideout – Chicago, IL
July 30 – Mainstay – Cincinnati, OH
August 16 – Shake-It Records – Cincinnati, OH
August 19 – Fountain Square – Cincinnati, OH

August 20 – The 5 Spot – Nashville, TN
August 26 – South Park Tavern – Dayton, OH
September 9 – Sunflower Street Festival – Milford, OH
September 15 – Uncle Slayton’s – Louisville, KY
September 17 – The Family Wash – Nashville, TN
September 22-24 – Midpoint Music Festival – Cincinnati, OH

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Jul 29, 2011
3:08 pm
#1 Brooklyn :

Not a bad track . . . except for the high-end clipping on the synthesizer. In stereo, it only comes through on the right side — sounds like headphones that haven’t QUITE been plugged in all the way. Distracting. And an odd choice on the sound engineer’s part.

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