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The Dears – Missiles

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The new album from The Dears is a break up record. And not in the way you might be thinking. It’s not a record about love lost or even about a band on its last leg saying goodbye artistically on its final hurrah. But rather, Missiles is an album that was created in a tense space for The Dears. The band lost all of its supporting members due to the ever present “creative differences” during the recording stages, and while several of the pieces made Missiles happen, only core members Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak remain (who also happen to be a married couple.)

The sound of the album is not much of a departure however, from thier 2006 gem, Gang Of Losers, which took a step back from their Brit-pop leanings into a darker, more atmospheric landscape. And Murray continues to have a voice that is as smooth and silky as anyone swimming in the indie pool these days. While some are sure to scoff at the drawn out builders like “Disclaimer”, “Lights Off” and the nearly 12 minute affair at the end of the album that is “Saviour”, each Dears song requires repeatedly listening.

To use the word “grower” is almost not fair for this album actually. The first four songs alone are as good as I have heard from The Dears and I would not have said that even 3 full times through. So I am replacing the word “grower” in this review with “builder” (as if that is much better) because I firmly believe that each song builds off of one another and breaks itself back down again, much like The Dears have as a band.

So do yourself a favor and pick up this new album, lock yourself in for the weekend and listen to nothing else if you truly want to appreciate one of The Dears best albums to date.

The record is out now from Dangerbird Records.

The Dears – Berlin Heart

In addition, check out this new video for “Money Babies”…

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