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The Dukes are Dead Announce Final Shows

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tdad The Dukes are Dead Announce Final Shows

Cincinnati-based rock group The Dukes are Dead announced this week that the band is calling it quits. The band posted a message on their Facebook page on Monday, saying “We have found that the best way to continue contributing to the music scene is by branching out and pursuing our own projects of a more specific nature to each of us individually as musicians.”  The blues rock quartet played their first show on Halloween of 2010; nearly three years later, the band will play their last free show in town tonight at Mayday in Northside. Their final performance will be at Midpoint Music Festival.

Here’s the band’s full message:

Friends, Fans, and TDAD Supporters,

After almost three years of being a proud part of the rock and roll band roster in Cincinnati, we are now ending The Dukes Are Dead. We have found that the best way to continue contributing to the music scene is by branching out and pursuing our own projects of a more specific nature to each of us individually as musicians.

We’ve loved every moment of getting to know everyone and sharing some great nights of music. Thank you very much for those amazing times.

We are still excited to perform our last two shows on the books, and we would love to see all of our fans and supporters try to make it out to celebrate the good times we’ve had together, and welcome to the future projects that will certainly lead to more adventures in sonic performances.

The two shows to know are:

August 30th @ Mayday Northside. It’s this Thursday, and it’s our last free local show ever.

September 27-29 @ Midpoint Music Festival. If you don’t have a pass then get one and come see the annual festival that truly represents the incredible hub that Cincinnati has as an area of musical concentration in the Midwest.

Thanks again very much,

Dave Reid
Lucas Frazier
Luke Darling
Randy Proctor

When asked in a phone conversation about the band’s breakup, lead singer Lucas Frazier explained that the members of the band were going in different directions.  Still, the split was amicable. “We’re bummed about it because there are so many memories…and we’ve done so much together. We’re just staying positive because it’s been a great experience and it was  the best time of our lives and we’re all best friends and we want to support what everyone is doing. We all have something we’re working on and it would only be a matter of time before you hear something from all four of us, some of us sooner than others,” Frazier said.

While Frazier has new music in the works, drummer Dave Reid and guitarist Luke Darling have already started playing shows with their new group, Filthy Beast. Bassist Randy Proctor also has multiple projects in the works. In an interview with Proctor, he remained secretive about his pursuits, though he said he’s working on a collaborative project, something acoustic, and something rock & roll. Regardless of their separate musical endeavors, Frazier is confident that The Dukes are Dead have prepared them for bigger and better things.  “This was all of our first serious band and I think that we all learned how to be in a band through doing this, like how to work with your fellow band members and how to promote and how to get yourself into the music scene,” Frazier said. “ We’ve all learned our lessons and now we’re going to take what we’ve learned and apply it to new settings. I think we are all coming out of the gate running and moving faster than we did with The Dukes because we know what we’re doing.”

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The band will play their final free, local show tonight at Mayday.  Guitarist Luke Darling will not be there tonight as he is out of town. The band will also have free music available with new and unreleased tracks. Three songs (crowd favorite “Don’t Freak Out”, “Where Have You Been?” and “What Misery”) were recorded earlier this year at The Tone Show in Columbus; Their most recent recording, an acoustic version of “Where Witches Bathe and Demons Wander” is also on the album, as well as “Get Funny,”  a B-side off their first album, The Shot Heard ‘Round the World.

The show at Mayday kicks off at 10pm. The Dukes are Dead will be joined by Stephen Paul Smoker from Chicago.

Facebook Event

 The Dukes are Dead Announce Final Shows


Caitlin has been with Each Note Secure since her days at WOXY as an evening DJ beginning in 2008. As a senior contributor with ENS, most of her live reviews are centered on Cincinnati's local music scene. She also provides the words for Drunk Music Reviews, a series of reviews written in collaboration with illustrator John Sebastian in which they both get hammered and write/draw their live concert experiences.

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