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The Explorer’s Club – Freedom Wind

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Over the past couple years or so, it has become quite popular for bands to unearth their inner Brian Wilson or declare their love for Pet Sounds Beach Boys material. And I have no issue with that, Pet Sounds was and is a brilliant album made by a brilliant musician, so it is only natural that bands of all ages would be influenced.

Groups like The Besnard Lakes and Panda Bear fall into this category, whos reviews are rarely without a Wilson parallel of some sort. And the indie rock world loves it, as both bands have been praised for their work overwhelmingly. Cue The Explorer’s Club. A band not only influenced by The Beach Boys, but come off at times as just a few steps below a BB cover band. And not in a experimental Pet Sounds kinda way either, more in a “Little Deuce Coup” or “I Get Around” Beach Boys vibe.

And here is the thing, I like it. Despite the overwhelming similarities (the band’s album cover is almost the exact same as The Beach Boys record All Summer Long) these guys have me hooked. The sun soaked dual harmonies are incredibly tight for a young bunch and the mix of keys, horns and guitar and some well placed tambourine, of course, make the album feel like it was meant to be played live at a beach party.

And with song titles like “Don’t Forget The Sun”, “Summer Air” and “Do You Love Me?” this one is a shue in to get heavy spins for me as the warm weather months approach.

Check out “Do You Love Me?” below and get ready for the album, Freedom Wind, which gets a release from Dead Oceans records on May 20th.

The Explorers Club – Do You Love Me?

Also check out the bands blog here….

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