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The Lodger – Grown-Ups

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I think that as of late, I’ve become a bit more relaxed when it comes to reviewing music. Sure, I still like to think I know if stuff is pure crap or not, and there is alot of that out there. But, at times in the past, I think my quest to find music that was original and different has kept me away from some genuinely good albums. And more specifically, I think I have really been digging stuff of late that is well, just plain fun.

A few bands that describe this lean in my listening habits I have already mentioned here in the past few week, 1990s, Airborne Toxic Event, The Maccabees and now The Lodger. All of these bands have some things in common, they all wear their influences on their sleeves, make bouncy pop/punk/rock music and all of them have loads of fun doing it.

The Lodger are another band out of Northern England, and could fit a bill incredibly well with the likes of fellow Brits The Arctic Monkeys or even the more iconic Wedding Present. The band is not brand new, thought they are to me, and have actually been together since 2004 in a different capacity. In fact, the first song on the album, “Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion” was born back in 04, seeing a more widespread birth on this album, Grown-Ups. The british guitar pop is just plain fun and bouncy, as mentioned before, and is slowly turning into my soundtrack for the summer.

You can buy Grown-Ups right now via ITunes and EMusic, or just head on over to Slumberland Records.

The Lodger – Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion

The Lodger – Let Her Go

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Posted by Joe Long   @   25 June 2007 4 comments


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