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The Spectacular Fantastic – Free EP

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The Spectacular Fantastic

Mike Detmer and the Spectacular Fantastic played a great set last month at Desdemona. And now, just like last year, they are giving us a nice treat with a free downloadable EP.

Here is what Mike has to say about the new EP…..

We sincerely enjoy playing and recording music for you to listen to. While we do have many other albums that you can purchase from us and our label, we’d love to share some of these nifty tracks that we have been collecting since our last full length release. Sometimes the songs come out a bit faster than anticipated and we are only human after all. Having said that, we do not want you to think that these are our castoffs, throwaways, or any of that rubbish. We could have released this through more official avenues but ultimately, that road takes more time and money than we have at our disposal right now.

Im particulary enjoying this track….
The Spectacular Fantastic – UFOs

Download the Entire EP Here…..

Look for a full length from the guys this fall on Ionik Records.

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