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Wilco takes on St Patrick

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tweedy1 Wilco takes on St Patrick

-I have certain expectations when entering a concert, ive mentioned that before. But when it comes to a Wilco show, I tend to throw that out the window. Though Ive only seen the band 4 times now I can say ive seen a different band each time. Sometimes its the parts of the band itself that vary and other times its the emotion, the setlist, or the Tweedy. I mean which Jeff will be out there. Funloving Jeff thats incredibly chatty, or focused Jeff that rifles through 15 songs like nobodies business. I like them both for the record. Friday nights show at the historical Ryman was a standout performance though I must say.

The night started with what I percieved to be a bit of an homage to the historical theatre that had heard such greats as Hank Williams Sr and Johnny Cash in past years. The band started off with a bit of a twang in thier step and played Sunken Treasure, Remember the Mountain Bed, At my window sad and lonely, and more. This set the tone and the showed the respect Jeff and the boys had for the hallowed halls they were in. I have to say though, that while I consider myself a Wilco purist in many ways, the more I hear tracks from Ghost is Born live, the better they sound. I dont know if I will ever hear as good of a version of Spiders for example, just brilliant. By the way, Nels Cline is one of the best things to happen to Wilco, the man is on another level with his guitar. The set seemed to continue longer than I expected as I think the band and the crowd was caught up in the moment of the evening. I also think this was the best crowd ive ever been a part of at a Wilco show, everyone seemed to be into the set and not just due to a few extra brews on St. Pattys.

We were also treated to a few new songs, “walken” and “either way”, tentative titles of course, both sounded fresh, and I look forward to hearing more of them down the road. The band did a great long encore followed by anther encore and seemed prepared to do another almost due to the flow of the evening. Jeff ended the night with a spontaneaous version of Acuff Rose by stepping in front of the mic to the open air of the Ryman, an amazing moment for any Wilco fan. Hearing his singing voice in open air was really something you dont get unless you live with the man and hear his crooning in the shower.

I dont know that this one can be topped. The Ryman, Wilco, St Patricks and an amazing setlist along with a attentive and excited crowd to boot. I also picked up a nice little tour print for the house. See below.
wilcoryman Wilco takes on St Patrick

Thanks to Via Chicago for the following setlist and the print pic, see an ongoing thread about the show at thier message board.

Sunken Treasure
Mountain Bed
Airline To Heaven
At My Window Sad and Lonely
Forget The Flowers
When the Roses Bloom Again
California Stars
Muzzle of Bees
Hell is Chrome
Jesus Etc
Handshake Drugs
I am Trying to Break Your Heart
Shot in the Arm
Late Greats

Encore 1
Either Way (new song)
Im the man who loves you

Encore 2
Passenger Side
War on War

Encore 3
Acuff Rose – Jeff acoustic unplugged

 Wilco takes on St Patrick


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Posted by Joe Long   @   20 March 2006 1 comments


Mar 21, 2006
11:39 pm

wow, nice setlist, great band

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